Friday, May 8, 2009

Sometimes I Hate Rain.



It's literally been raining for 2 weeks straight but it stopped long enough for me to mow my lawn which was a jungle!! (Note: The images above do some justice to the wreck that was and subsequent tailoring of my yard however are not equal in ANYWAY to the scale of my little patch of dirt.) I had to stop and unclog the blades on my little electric mower 2 times during the course of mowing, that's how bad (and tall) it was.

Here's a sneak peek of projects I will be reporting on soon!

1. Planting seeds and the results (hopefully **crosses fingers**)
2. Preparing the ground for and planting a new rose bush! (This should be fun--I have never done this before!)
3. Moving established plants and bulbs to new locations!
4. Planting new bulbs from potted spring plants!

I CANNOT WAIT....but it's supposed to start raining again tonight! Boo.

(Image courtesy of South Carolina Golf Course and )

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