Saturday, May 16, 2009


I love peonies!

I know I'm probably going to start a lot of posts that same way!

"I love (insert flower/plant here)!"

I bought a pink peony last year in honor of my husband's grandmother, Granny G. She loved roses and I can deal with, roses not so much.

I thought I had killed it last year because I didn't pay as much attention to it after I planted it. That's not even true, I paid NO ATTENTION to it AT ALL! In my defense, I was in the last trimester of my pregnancy and was more content to sit on my couch in the air conditioning with my swollen feet up. So when it browned and shriveled, I was upset about it but I just figured I would buy a new one! However I didn't dig it up just because I hadn't decided if I wanted to plant a new one or plant something else. Imagine my surprise when I started seeing little green shoots popping up in the spring! So the lesson is...don't pull it up until you are absolutely sure it's dead!!!

Basic Info
Light Exposure: Full Sun
(zones 8 and 9 would benefit from partial shade)
Type: Perennial
Bloom Time: Spring/early summer (Typically May 1 to May 30th)
Colors: White, Range of Pink, red, lilac,
Best Uses : Cutting flowers, Interesting foliage
When to plant: Fall

Peonies should be fed a half a cup of low nitrogen fertilizer in early spring and again halfway through the growing season.

Make sure you regularly water your Peony during the dry summer months.

Peonies are VERY top heavy. They need to be staked. You can find peony rings at most garden centers designed specifically for this and they are typically less than $5.00.

Remove the flowers as soon as they fade to prevent seed development, which will use up needed food reserves, and effect next years bloom.

In the fall, after the foliage browns and dies, cut the stems back to three inches. Trimming and disposing of the cuttings helps to prevent disease in peonies. You should also place mulch around the plant to help protect it during the winter.

During the early spring you will start to see green shoots coming from the base of the plant.


  1. Yay good post! I think we have a peony plant on the side of the house, I better go take a look at it to see if it bloomed yet. I went over to it a couple weeks ago and a million ants were all over the round buds! I hope they didnt eat the flower! It doesnt get much sun in that corner though, is that bad?

  2. I know! I saw that the last time I was there and pointed it out to Bailey. I think the ants are attracted to the smell of the flowers because I had the same problem right before mine bloomed; they do smell really sweet! After they bloomed I don't remember seeing any ants.

    It seems to be growing fine where it is because it has lived there for awhile however you can't really enjoy the blooms too much on the side of the might want to consider moving it to the front so you can enjoy the blooms more but remember they only bloom for about a month. However the foliage is nice once they are done and you can cut off the wilted flowers.