Monday, May 4, 2009

Put it in the ground and see if it grows!

When my husband and I bought our house our little lawn was a blank slate. All the neighbors told me that the previous owners had tried to grow things but they never seemed to live, failing to mention that they had a dog who they let pee all over the lawn. For some reason I don't think dog pee is good for plants but what do I know?

Undettered, I started planting pretty much right away. The first thing I put in was a lilac bush. For those that care, (I don't.) it is a Firmament lilac, I just liked it cause it smelled pretty. I bought at either Lowes or Home Depot and needless to say it is still growing like crazy!

After that I decided I wanted some spring flowers because I freaking love tulips! I actually ordered a mixed bag of tulips and grape hyacinths from one of those mail order bulb catalogs (Spring Hill or Brecks)because they offered a free $25 dollars worth of merchandise. It's a great offer for when you are first starting out because essentially your aren't losing anything but a few bucks...oh and the time you took putting all the suckers in....oh well! This was spring's crop of tulips and you can see they are gorgeous! The little purple/blue flowers are the hyacinths.

I will do a whole thing on planting bulbs in a future post!

Here are the links to Brecks and Spring Hill Nurseries!

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