Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flowers for an Arbor or Fence

I just planted a bunch of annual seeds to trail over my arbor(Morning Glory, Moonflower, Mini Lobata and Nasturtium). I planted them mainly to act as an anchor because it falls over all the time in a strong wind and the hubs won't let me cement it into the ground (something about it being permanent and me changing my mind all the time...whatever).

I have never had much luck with seeds. I planted poppy seeds last year thinking I was going to have a bumper crop of poppies this year...I didn't and finally wound up pulling up the weeds I thought were my poppies when they didn't flower. I tried planting herbs from seed the year before and they never materialized. So we will see how this works out...I will probably have a patch of dirt for the summer that I will have to then find a new plant for. Oh, poor me!

If I get any results I will publish a basic "How To" for planting seeds and of course pictures....if I don't get anything, I have some planting seed homework to do myself!

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