Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RIP Morning Glories (and Patrick Swayze)

So that little storm we had over the weekend which was "uncategorized" according to my weatherman, but sure as hell felt like a hurricane or a tornado (in my world: wind + rain= hurricane/tornado) knocked over my trellis and completely uprooted the morning glories.

Note: I don't think actually WERE morning glories--I think the whole vine may have been moonflower. My super detective skills observed white flowers instead of blue....case solved.

So anyway! No more vine....

I tore the whole thing off the trellis and I have to be honest I kind of like it better....it was getting a little too cluttered for my taste. Now the big question is how to keep the trellis from falling over without cementing it in the ground since the vine failed in it's quest to stabilize it.

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