Monday, June 29, 2009

Mophead Hydrangeas

I have two different types of hydrangeas (Mopheads and Lacecaps) currently growing in my yard. They are both in bloom and the color is gorgeous!

The first ones to flower and bloom were the two I have in the front of my yard flanking the sidewalk. I never really care about what I am planting as long as it catches my eye. Here is a dramatic rendering of me at Home Depot/Lowes/Garden Center choosing plants:

Enter stage left, me, slackjawed and overwhelmed my Nature's bounty before me, wandering aimlessly.

ME: "Thems is purty!", impulsively picks up flowers and runs to cash register.

ME: Honey, I'm home! Look what I buyed at the flower store! Ain't they purty?
HUBBY: *SIGH* Where are we planting that?
ME: *sticks tongue out at him* Party pooper!


So I did a little research on the net via a couple of sites specifically which has pictures (ALWAYS a plus in my book!) and I think I identified them as Mophead Nikko Blue Hydrangeas.

The great thing about hydrangeas is that you can typically change the color of them by messing with the pH levels of the soil around them. How do you do this? I have no idea, so let's find out. has such a concise explanation on how to change the colors that you would be best off going right to the source! Here is the link:

(Note: You can purchase both dolomitic lime and Aluminum sulfate at your local garden store!)
Interesting facts I learned from
1.It is easier to change a hydrangea from pink to blue than it is from blue to pink.
2.It's also easier to change the colors of a hydrangea that is in a container as opposed to in the ground.
3. Planting hydrangeas near a concrete foundation or sidewalk will often affect the color since the pH of the soil can be changed by the lime coming out of them, making it difficult to obtain blue. This completely explains why some of the flowers on my Lacecap Hydrangea are turning a purply pink near the sidewalk and the patio! I just thought I was a magical gardener!

Here is some basic information on the Nikko Blue hydrangeas:

Nikko Blue Hydrangeas
Zone: 6 to 9 (although I am in Zone 5 and I have never had a problem!)
Plant Type: Deciduous shrub
Height: 4 to 6 feet
Spread: 4 to 6 feet
Bloom Time: July - August (mine started in early June)
Bloom Color: Blue in acid soil; Pink in alkaline soil.
Sun: Sun to Part shade
Water: Daily, very thirsty suckers!
Prune: July, after blooms have faded

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